These Love Story E-Wedding Invite Ideas Are Here To Give You The Butterflies


These Love Story E-Wedding Invite Ideas Are Here To Give You The Butterflies

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Wedding invitation cards have evolved and how! It is not easy to remember when the beautiful traditional card in an envelope took the form of plain e-invites. The silver lining is that wedding e-invites have gotten so much better over time! Now we have both pictures and videos which are easily customizable to your heart's content.

Recently, I came across a few wedding e-invites that caught not only my eye but also my heart! You must take a look at these cute customized love story wedding invite pictures and videos and get inspired by them!

Personalised Love Story Wedding Invites 

Incorporate Elements That Are Important To You

Here is the wedding invite from Swara Bhasker and Fahad Ahmad's wedding that inspired this blog. It is just so touching and memorable with all those intricate details. The wedding invite entails all the special elements that hold importance in Swara and Fahad's love story and we are just mesmerized by it. The beauty of wedding invites like these is that they share your beautiful love story in little to no words. 

Source Prateeq


Add The Special Timelines Of Your Journey Together

Let your wedding e-invite include the special timelines of your love story because you remember them and because they are so dear to you. It is a nice way to take your customized wedding e-invite to the next level and make it a little extra special. 

Source Nithi D

Include A Relevant Bollywood Title

The Bollywood fans are going to go gaga over this cute element that can be so easily incorporated into your wedding e-invite. All you need to do is pick a Bollywood movie or song title that is relevant to you and your partner and ask your graphic designer to add it to your wedding e-invite. 

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Portray How You Met

Make your wedding e-invite sweet and simple by portraying how you came across your partner. The best part of a personalized wedding e-invite is that you can portray all the elements that you want without worrying about making your invitation too long or boring. 

Source Dezign Pix Studios

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Illustrate Your Journey As A Couple

Enjoy the best features of a wedding e-invite video as you show how you met your partner and nurtured your beautiful relationship. Wedding invitation videos that show your journey as a couple are not only fun to watch but are also a great way to preserve fond memories. 

Represent Who You Are

Make your wedding e-invite video elaborate by not only talking about you and your beau as a couple but also as individuals. It is sure to give you and all your wedding guests those butterflies in the stomach because of all the excitement and joy!

Give It A Quirky Touch

Take your wedding guests by surprise by getting a wedding e-invite made that doesn't give away the fact that you are getting married at the first glance. Make it quirky and special by adding a line or two that summarizes your love story in the best way possible!


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